Quick Reaction Team Power

We are a unique, agile bespoke engineering company that offers full power generation services specializing in challenging environments

Powering your industries future

Power Services

Our OEM qualified field service engineers (FSE’s), have extensive knowledge across the varying power generation industry platform, including all major Gas Turbine Generator (GTG) packages. Reducing the heavy OEM manning costs and providing simplified installation & commissioning solutions to our clientele.


QRT - A Quick Reaction Team is what we excel in for providing in the most challenging locations, whether the project is a Mobile Pac/Trailer Unit or Military surplus generator for the most isolated Forward Operating Base (FOB). Or a more permanent base with a Aero-derivative stand alone power system.

Oil & Gas

Whether our clients require mechanical or electrical form, for either power generation or gas compression, we can take on varying simple cycle or combined cycle Aero/Frame package installations following all the necessary OEM standard I&C procedures through to handover.


Installation and commissioning:

  • Full package & retrofit installs
  • Mobile Pac/Trailer units
  • Aero-derivative gas turbines
  • Light industrial gas turbines
  • Heavy-duty frame engines
  • Diesel & electromagnetic generators
  • Centrifugal Gas compressors


Health, Safety and Environmental Standards:

  • NCRQ
  • Safety excellence
  • Safety Performance
  • HSE culture
  • Individual & organization incentive


Operation and maintenance:

  • Operation and maintenance schedules and programs
  • OEM 4k & 8k services
  • Planned / unplanned package outages
  • Engine, generator & compressor exchanges
  • Instrumentation re-calibrations/upgrades
  • Licensed software updates

Alternative Energy

QRT power acknowledges the much needed balance between main stream power and alternative energy. That’s why we have teamed up with OEM suppliers covering all three areas ‘Solar, Hydro & Wind’. Allowing QRT to perform licensed installation and maintenance activities.

  • AC/DC solar power
  • Hydro turbine power
  • Wind turbine power

ISO Certifications

QRT management team have been forming the ISO structure, that we know will be a key point of our company's success. We understand the severity of the registration process and its importance for our company.

  • 9001 (Pending)
  • 14001 (Pending)
  • 18001 (Pending)
  • 29001 (Pending)

Spare Parts & Components

QRT Power provides both the Power and Oil/Gas sectors with spare parts/components from Gas Turbines to Gensets, including all major manufacturers GE, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Pratt & Whitney.

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